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Clare College

DPL worked with Barnes construction to deliver the M&E services for a refurbishment and extension to the old court at Clare College.
Main Contractor: Barnes Construction
Architect: Witherford Watson Mann
Project Value: £1.8 Million
Services: Mechanical, Electrical

DPL Group’s installation of Mechanical and Electrical works at Clare College

Founded in 1326, Clare College stands as the University of Cambridge’s second-oldest college with seventeenth-century architecture, stunning gardens and a riverside location in the heart of the city.

The project encompassed a Grade 1 listed refurbishment and extension, incorporating several significant elements:

  1. The creation of a new café facility, providing a contemporary and inviting space for college members and visitors
  2. Extensive upgrades to the primary kitchen and its ancillary kitchen, modernising the culinary facilities
  3. Construction of a new, purpose-built toilet block for the convenience of both students and staff
  4. Renovation and enhancement of student accommodation located on the third floor, ensuring a comfortable and contemporary living environment that aligns with the college’s prestigious heritage



The electrical work conducted in this project was diverse and encompassed several critical components, each contributing to the overall enhancement of the infrastructure. These components included:

Rewiring and Installation in the 17th Century Great Hall
One of the standout elements of the project was the meticulous rewiring and installation of new lighting in the historic 17th-century Great Hall. This required a delicate balance of preserving the hall’s heritage while integrating modern lighting solutions. The successful implementation not only enhanced the aesthetics of the hall but also improved its functionality for various events and gatherings.

Emergency & General Lighting
The project involved a comprehensive overhaul of the lighting systems within the facility. The lighting has been supplied via various lighting manufacturers as the Max Fordham Luminaire Schedule. Generally, the lighting is either switched via manual switches or controlled via local PIR on presence detection.

Small Power Services
Small power services were addressed to provide convenient and accessible electrical outlets throughout the premises. This is essential for the operation of various electrical devices, including computers, appliances and charging stations, ensuring that the facility is equipped for modern technological needs.

Data Cabling
The integration of data cabling enables seamless connectivity, facilitating data transfer, communication, and network access. It ensures that the institution is well-equipped to support educational and administrative needs.

Electrical Distribution and Equipment
Upgrades to the electrical distribution system were implemented to enhance reliability and efficiency. The electrical distribution system serves as the backbone of the facility’s power supply, ensuring that electricity is distributed safely and reliably to various areas and equipment.

Fire Alarm and Disabled Refuge
Ensuring safety within the facility was a priority. Therefore, the installation of a modern fire alarm system was essential. Additionally, disabled refuge systems were implemented to provide a safe and accessible means of communication and assistance for individuals with mobility challenges during emergency situations.

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The mechanical work undertaken in this project was multifaceted, encompassing a wide range of critical components designed to enhance the overall operational efficiency of the facility. These elements included:

LTHW Heating
The project involved the installation of a high-efficiency heating system, specifically a Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) system. This heating solution is not only effective in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures but is also energy-efficient, which aids in reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Chilled Water System
A chilled water system was introduced to manage indoor temperatures effectively, especially during warm seasons. This system is essential for cooling and maintaining a comfortable atmosphere within the facility, improving the overall well-being of occupants.

Domestic Cold, Hot Flow & Return Water
The project included a comprehensive overhaul of the domestic water systems. Upgrades to cold and hot water flow and return systems enhanced the water distribution and temperature control within the facility. This not only ensured a reliable supply of water but also contributed to energy efficiency, which is crucial in modern building design.

The irrigation system introduced was designed to cater to the needs of outdoor landscaping and green areas surrounding the facility. It provided a consistent and efficient means of distributing water to maintain the lush, manicured appearance of the outdoor spaces.

An advanced ventilation system was a key component of the mechanical work. This system was responsible for ensuring that the facility had a constant supply of fresh air, enhancing indoor air quality and maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment for occupants. Proper ventilation is critical for both safety and comfort within a building.


Collectively, the electrical and mechanical work undertaken in this project contributed to the safety, functionality, and overall modernisation of the facility. These improvements ensured that the institution’s infrastructure was well-prepared to meet contemporary demands while preserving the historical significance of the Great Hall.

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