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Chantry Academy

DPL received the “Perfect Delivery award” from Morgan Sindall for the work done at Chantry Academy, which was awarded on December 2022
Main Contractor: Morgan Sindall
Project Value: £800k
Services: Mechanical, Electrical

DPL Group worked with Morgan Sindall to install Mechanical and Electrical works at Chantry Academy

Chantry Academy is a secondary school in Ipswich, Suffolk that educates children aged 11 to 16 with around 750 pupils. They recognised the need to enhance their infrastructure to provide a safe, comfortable, and modern learning environment for students and staff.

The project involved the installation of advanced mechanical and electrical systems designed to improve safety, energy efficiency and overall functionality throughout the school’s premises.


The mechanical work undertaken at Chantry Academy was a multifaceted project which encompassed three distinct phases, each with its own unique challenges and objectives:

New SEND Unit
Construction of a brand-new SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Unit was a pivotal addition to Chantry Academy. This involved the installation of climate control systems, ensuring a comfortable and adaptable environment for students with special needs. Robust and accessible plumbing facilities were also installed to meet the unique requirements of the SEND Unit.

New 2-Storey Teaching Block
Construction of a new, contemporary 2-storey teaching block. This expansive facility was intended to accommodate classrooms, a library, offices, and WC areas. DPL Group’s role was to design and install the mechanical systems that would ensure the functionality and comfort of this modern educational space. This encompassed the installation of energy-efficient HVAC systems, creating an optimal learning environment. Additionally, plumbing and sanitation facilities were meticulously integrated.

Re-Modeling and Multipurpose Studios
The project also required re-modeling existing spaces within the academy, specifically in the science and music departments. DPL Group’s expertise was instrumental in transforming these areas, facilitating the creation of multi-purpose music and recording studios. Mechanical systems were reconfigured and optimised to support soundproofing and acoustic requirements, providing a conducive environment for musical creativity and learning.


The electrical services included the following, all contributing to the overall improvement of the school’s electrical infrastructure and safety:

Main LV Distribution Systems
This involved upgrading existing systems and installing new distribution boards, wiring, and circuitry. The aim was to enhance the reliability and capacity of electrical distribution, ensuring consistent power supply to all areas within the school. Robust LV distribution systems are foundational for maintaining a safe and functional learning environment.

General and Emergency Lighting
The interior lighting installation was designed to provide average maintained illumination levels as defined in the Design Criteria section of the specification and as recommended within the CIBSE Code for Interior Lighting and the SLL Lighting Handbook, using lumen method calculations and taking cognizance of lamp aging and maintenance factors.

Telecommunications/Data Distribution
Additional data cables were installed and taken back to the Communications cabinet, ensuring that students and staff had access to the latest educational resources and connectivity.

Fire Detection and Alarm
Additional addressable automatic fire detection and alarm systems were installed throughout to meet safety regulations, and ensure the swift and safe evacuation of occupants in the event of an emergency.

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