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We’ve made it our business to become experts in Solar PV and electric vehicle charging systems. Contact us for a free survey and see how much you could save.

Renewable energy solutions have never been more desirable or affordable.

Whether you’re looking at your energy use at residential, commercial or industrial properties, renewable energy will no doubt be high up your agenda. As costs continue to rise and the future looks uncertain, using alternative energy sources to power your home or business now makes a lot of sense.

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A trusted Solar PV installer across East Anglia

Lots of companies offer Solar PV installations in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. What sets us apart is our attention to detail. We will: 

  • Provide a full ‘turn-key’ solution covering: assessment, design, installation and maintenance, all delivered by a dedicated team.
  • Only use modules meeting Tier 1 criteria: a minimum 10-year product and workmanship guarantee and a 25-year Linear Power output performance warranty.
  • Advise and, where suitable, recommend battery storage solutions that can be integrated into your system’s design.
  • Fit bird guards around the solar arrays (where appropriate) to prevent the likelihood of birds nesting under the panels.
  • Install your system with our local team based in East Anglia – people who care about our region and its communities.

Personal service guarantee

We are a friendly, professional company that operates almost entirely on word-of-mouth recommendations. We pride ourselves on a personal level of service, talking you through every step, so you have full confidence in your investment.

Solar PV:
What our customers ask

Here’s just some of the questions that our customers ask – we’re sure you’ll have others. Please give us a call and we will be very happy to help.

How do solar panels work?
A solar panel is made from lots of cells, laid out in a grid. When the sun shines on it, silicon within the cells creates an electrical current, which the system converts into electricity which can be used within the house to power your appliances.
Can I use solar with a heat pump?

Absolutely. Many more households are opting to be as environmentally responsible as possible and it is possible to use the power generated from your solar PV to run heat pumps and other renewable energy systems.

Do I need planning permission for a solar panel?

Most installations do not need specific permission, but it is always worth running the required checks. Our specialist engineers are on hand to offer advice on all areas of installation.

Do you include a warranty?

Not all solar panels are the same. At DPL, we will only use modules that meet the Tier 1 criteria. That is to say that they have a minimum 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee on product material and workmanship, and a 25 year Linear Power output performance warranty.

Where’s the best place for a solar panel?

As you’d expect, a south facing roof is the ideal location for a solar panel as it will collect the most sunlight. It’s worth focusing your efforts here, with complementary panels on East or West facing areas to maximise the electricity that you can produce.

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