Success Stories Mediterranean Shipping Company

Mediterranean Shipping Company

DPL Group designed and installed solar PV systems at three buildings on-site for the Mediterranean Shipping Company
Main Contractor: DPL Group
Project Value: £320k
Services: Renewable Energy

DPL Group’s installation of renewable energy works at MSC

DPL Group’s journey with MSC began through a recommendation by P&D, a sister company of DPL. The client was initially seeking expert advice in their pursuit contributing to their green agenda.

Impressed by DPL’s track record and commitment to addressing technical needs rather than mere sales, the client decided to explore a partnership with DPL to meet their green energy goals.

Medite House & MSC House

Following the design and install process of Melford Court, MSC had confidence when communicating with us and working through the DNO Application for Medite House and MSC House.

Previously equipped with a wind turbine, MSC had export limits of 200kW which posed a challenge. DPL Group recognised that pursuing a traditional G99 application would lead to incorrect export data.

This expertise allowed us to overcome this obstacle, enabling the client to accurately measure and monetize their export generation. MSC aimed to enhance their green credentials and reduce their high electricity demand, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. However, they had reservations about the potential negative impact on the building’s aesthetic appearance following solar installation.

DPL Group crafted a comprehensive solution that not only contributed to the client’s green credentials but also reduced their reliance on grid-supplied electricity. To address aesthetic concerns, we provided mock-ups, diagrams and visual representations of the building post-installation, ensuring the client’s peace of mind.

Melford Court

DPL Group designed and installed a bespoke solar PV system that was tailored to maximise their electricity consumption at Melford Court, while working within the spatial constraints of the site.

As a result of the success of this project, the relationship between the client and DPL Group has grown significantly. Their initial positive experience with DPL led to an invitation to provide quotes for solar PV solutions for their other two buildings.


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The partnership between DPL Group and MSC exemplifies a strong and ongoing relationship built on trust, expertise, and a shared commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

By addressing both the client’s positive and negative concerns, DPL Group demonstrated its dedication to delivering tailored solutions and creating value for their clients. This case study showcases the successful journey of collaboration between DPL Group and an empowered client with a focus on sustainable energy solutions.



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