Sectors Facilities Management & Planned Maintenance

Facilities management and planned maintenance

Ongoing checks and repairs by specialist engineers to ensure that all buildings’ electrical and mechanical installations continue to function efficiently, effectively and safely.

Years of hands-on experience in building systems means we are best placed to keep them as efficient as when they were installed.

Everyone using a building – whether working, visiting or living there – is entitled to a safe, secure and fully-functioning environment. We work with buildings and property managers within a wide range of institutions and sectors – from the NHS to UK Ports, universities, power plants and high-profile car dealerships – to deliver planned and responsive maintenance and facilities management services.

Our teams take a highly collaborative approach, focused on our clients’ business or organisational objectives. Your buildings will only function to the level that you maintain them – we’re committed to keeping facilities running smoothly, allowing clients to deliver services and minimise waste and down-time.

Our services cover:

  • Plumbing, heating, cooling and air conditioning systems
  • Energy efficient lighting and emergency lighting
  • Mains electrical distribution (HV and LV), generators and UPS systems
  • Hot & cold water and chilled water systems
  • Fire alarm, fire suppression and water sprinkler systems
  • Intruder alarm, access control and CCTV
  • Small power, IT and Data services
  • Renewable energy installations – ASHPs, GDHPs, Solar PV, hybrid heating systems and battery storage
  • Mechanical ventilation systems and natural ventilation
  • Periodic inspections, condition reports and facilities maintenance

Ensuring your premises support your operations

With concerns rising around costs and environmental impact, it’s becoming more important than ever to keep your building systems up-to-date, energy efficient and operating at optimum capacity. We understand the challenges around facilities management and maintenance, the need to work around ongoing daily activities and the opportunities available for upgrades in efficiency and renewable energy sources. 

Building systems optimised for your requirements

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