Success Stories Port of Felixstowe

Port of Felixstowe

Port of Felixstowe Vehicle Inspection Facility
Main Contractor: RG Carter
Architect: LSI
Project Value: £3.2 million
Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Facilities Maintenance

Port of Felixstowe recognised the imperative need for modernising its electrical and mechanical infrastructure to meet growing demands and environmental objectives. Due to our expertise in construction and engineering solutions, DPL was the trusted choice to undertake this ambitious project.

The need for modernisation was precipitated by aging infrastructure and the demands of a rapidly growing port. With a tight timeline, the project was expected to address significant electrical and mechanical system upgrades, security enhancements, and environmental sustainability concerns.

The relationship was established through an existing maintenance contract at the port. DPL’s successful track record and positive rapport with R G Carter, the main contractor, played a pivotal role in the port’s decision to select DPL as their partner for this extensive project.



The key components of the mechanical upgrades included:

Offices Ventilation System
One of the primary focuses of the mechanical work was the ventilation system in the offices. The existing system was replaced with a new heat recovery ventilation system, designed to provide a constant supply of fresh air for office occupants. This system also included balanced extract ventilation, ensuring a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Offices Air Conditioning System
The air conditioning system was designed to provide efficient heating and cooling to the office areas within the Port of Felixstowe. The chosen solution was a Dakin VRV heat recovery air conditioning system. This system delivered heating and cooling based on room controller settings, ensuring that indoor temperatures could be controlled and optimised according to the specific requirements of each area.

Hot & Cold Water Services Systems
The port’s hot and cold water services received a substantial upgrade, primarily driven by a new hot and cold water service system. This system was supplied from a newly installed cold water break tank and booster set, located on the high-level plant area within 70 shed.

Above Ground Drainage Systems
New above-ground drainage systems were introduced throughout the project to ensure efficient and reliable waste management and water disposal. These systems included a pumped below-ground drainage system, which was supplied by RG Carter, the main contractor.

To facilitate waste management in specific areas, new sink units were equipped with waste-mounted macerators, allowing for the convenient disposal of food waste. Furthermore, where required, new soil vent pipes were added and piped to the exterior of 70 shed at high level, ensuring proper venting of the drainage systems.


The electrical work conducted as part of this project was focused on enhancing two key areas: the offices and ATEF Areas. The upgrades and improvements in these sections played a pivotal role in modernising the overall electrical infrastructure of the port.

Electrical installation generally comprises of steel wire armoured sub mains cables, serving final distribution boards. Final circuits consist of multicore double insulated cabling run on cable basket, with drops to outlets either concealed in walls within galvanised steel conduit or on surface within trunking.

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DPL’s expert execution of electrical and mechanical work has resulted in a facility that aligns with contemporary standards for efficiency and sustainability. These comprehensive transformations have not only modernised the infrastructure but also improved operational functionality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

DPL Group’s commitment to detail and excellence has played a pivotal role in the success of this substantial project.

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