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DPL Group Empowers Local Café with Solar Solution

At DPL Group, our commitment to community welfare goes beyond bricks and mortar. When we learned about the plight of Felixstowe's beloved Cuppa Café, we knew that we had a unique opportunity to make a difference.

Cuppa is a charming coffee shop nestled along High Road West in Felixstowe, which has long been a hub for locals to come together. However, they faced a daunting challenge. Rising energy costs had caused their monthly electricity bills to triple, putting the café’s future in jeopardy. Sarah Fitch, the owner of Cuppa, found herself struggling to balance the books amidst the escalating financial burden.

“The rising energy costs meant that our monthly electricity bill was going to triple, and this was not a cost that we would be able to cover and stay open.

Initially, some of our loyal customers started a GoFundMe page to generate money for us to have solar panels installed, however, I will never forget the call I received from Fran and Gary Dinsdale from the DPL Group, who had been told about our dilemma by David Faichney, one of our regular customers.”

Gary Dinsdale, Managing Director of DPL Group, added: “When we heard about Sarah’s plight, and knew we had to do something to support this business, which is in the heart of our local community.”  

“We have a solar division at DPL Group and the logical thing for us to do was to donate and install them for her. We live locally to the coffee shop, so were very aware of the positive impact they have on our community, and the last thing we wanted was for them to have to close down.”

At DPL Group, our passion for the design, installation and maintenance of building services goes beyond physical structures – it extends to building connections, supporting local businesses and ensuring a brighter future for our community. 

Cuppa’s journey from facing closure to thriving as a community hub serves as a reminder of the positive impact we can create when we unite with a shared purpose.

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