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Company News: DPL Apprentices

DPL Apprentice Appreciation: Learn more about our Apprentices

Meet our Apprentices

This is Kieran Magill, age 21. Kieran is an Electrical Apprentice coming to the end of his apprenticeship at Suffolk New College. 

We caught up with him and asked him some questions with the aim of gaining comprehensive feedback on his overall experience, skills development, contributions, and future goals. 

How would you describe your overall experience during the apprenticeship? Describe the most valuable lessons or skills you gained during this period and is there a particular project or task that stands out as a highlight for you? 

“My overall experience was very good; I am pleased with how my apprenticeship went. As an apprentice, I have gained different skills and lessons within the electrical industry that have given me the confidence to carry out specific tasks and jobs. The best project I worked on was Caribbean Blinds where the job, from start to finish, consisted of the installation of new lighting and commando sockets around an industrial warehouse unit. During this project, I needed to use a cherry picker to access the ceiling for the installation of the lights. This allowed me to gain my PASMA and IPAF.”

In what ways do you feel your skills have improved since the beginning of the apprenticeship? Can you provide examples of how you have applied the skills you learned in a practical setting? 

“My electrical knowledge has improved vastly from 1st fixing to 2nd fixing. From installing work metal containment to electrical testing from start to finish for clients.” 

How effective was the mentorship and guidance you received throughout the apprenticeship? Did you find any challenges or aspects of the learning environment that you found particularly helpful?

 “The mentorship I received was good. Everyone was willing to help and teach you something different, even those in different trades and roles. I think with most jobs you will always face challenges but if I go at my own pace, taking my time to apply what I have learnt from previous experiences, the jobs will become easier as I continue to gain my confidence.”

What achievements are you most proud of during your apprenticeship? Explain how you have contributed to the team or projects you were involved in.

“Receiving my certificate stating I am a fully qualified electrician, as well as my 18th edition regs exam and my certified tickets for IPAF and PASMA. I believe I have contributed to the team by working flexible hours to get various jobs done within the given time frame.”

How has your experience during the apprenticeship influenced your career goals? Are there specific roles or responsibilities you are eager to take on in your future career? 

 “Taking an apprenticeship has benefited me in a way that has allowed me to have a greater understanding of the Electrical industry and the potential roles I could take to further grow my career. I think I am best working on the tools, but we will see what happens as I gain more experience further down the road in my career.”

What advice would you give future apprentices based on your experience? 

“For future apprentices I recommend always staying busy, willing to work and help even if you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone starts from the beginning, and it takes time to develop and gain experience.” 

DPL Apprentices 2023 

Our newly inducted apprentices were handed their brand new, fully-kitted tool bags, courtesy of Edmunson Electrical Ipswich and Smith Brothers Cambridge. We welcomed their representatives to hand over the new tool kits to our apprentices. 

Representatives from Suffolk New College were also here to start the formal Enrolment process, for our 2023 apprentices.

Meet one of our new apprentices, 18 year old, George Taylor. We sat down with George and asked him some questions to get to know him better.

How would you describe yourself in three words? – “I am enthusiastic, punctual and conscientious.”

Why did you choose to take an apprenticeship? – “I believe that it is beneficial for me to take an apprenticeship as I can learn and develop with experienced engineers around me and get firsthand experience of what work the engineers do and how the industry itself operates.”

What are you most looking forward to starting your new apprenticeship? – “

To meet and work alongside new people and to learn from very experienced engineers.”

What are some of your future goals? – “Learning the required skills and developing my knowledge to the necessary standard in order to complete my apprenticeship and my Building Services Engineering college course.”

This is 17-year-old, Cohen Zagni, he is Another one of our new apprentices. Cohen is taking a Building Services Engineering Craftsperson (L3) apprenticeship at Cambridge Regional College.

We spoke with Cohen to get more information about him and why he chose to do an apprenticeship.

How would you describe yourself in three words? – “I am confident, funny and smart.”

Why did you choose to take an apprenticeship? – “I chose to take an apprenticeship because I felt it was a much better choice to learn on the job early, rather than waiting to finish college. I also feel that going into a trade and taking an apprenticeship suits me much more than going to sixth form as it complements my interests and learning style.”

What are you most looking forward to starting your new apprenticeship? – “Meeting new people to work with and being able to work full weeks so I can get the complete experience of the job.”

What are some of your future goals? – “I want to be fully qualified in my trade and stay progressing with my company.”


View our available apprenticeships or send us your CV today, we tend to look to enrol our new apprentices in Septmeber.

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